Oversaturated Photos, ugh.

I'm Graham, a rather indecisive teenager who struts through college with unsure eyes. I live each day with a convincing illusion that I'm genuinely getting somewhere.

This here is a photojournal of sorts, a log of myself and the quests I take and get into in the dungeons of college.

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Photograph by ace. Crappy editing by yours trully -_-
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Believe it or not, she’s asthmatic. 
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Permalink I shall start naming the shot number of every photo of mine that I post: 
Grace sure loves her rice.
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"To each his own." I say that a lot. 
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You can tell when they’re listening. 
Permalink I hated, despised all of you. 
Permalink An excerpt from an article for the Student Council paper I’m trying to finish:
"Oh fuck how I hate my experiences during Freshie night. The preparation in itself was already hell. We work in discord, bearing through our disagreements because we didn’t have a better choice (a choice that could have existed if the things we had to do were done earlier). Practices were a bitch. It was already hard to get everyone to practice together. More so for the others who were already there to actually practice. Prop  making was more convinient, or should I say, less stressful than the rest of the “departments” but nonetheless had it’s share of troublesome problems. The Day of the freshie night, oh how I exquisitely planned… “
Of course, I wouldn’t post this. They wouldn’t want an old tradition to be stopped by the rants of an incapable student.